Monday, November 30, 2015

SUN VOW + JUNFALLS new albums

2 new releases this month! get em!

Where Were You When The Stars Went Out?
Official release day: November 11th, 2015

Available on CD here and on cassette here.
Download card included.

the album was recorded in Vinita, Oklahoma in early 2015 by Bob Hensley. Audio was mastered by James Plotkin for CD and cassette.

CD/cassette track listing:
1. Monster Kid 4:16
2. Feral/Astral 5:17
3. Free Are The Forgotten 2:51
4. Last Caul 2:56
5. Dream Casket 2:31
6. Power In The Blood 3:57
7. Sun Vow 4:25

Duplicated onto white cobalt C-32 audio cassettes:


I See! The Veil Is Torn There Is Hope For Us!
Official release day: November 13th, 2015

Available on cassette here.
Download card included.

This album was recorded in Bixby, OK on September 21st, 2015 by Hank Charles at Valcour Sound.

Cassette is packaged with an 8-page mini zine fashioned by Broken Thumb Press.                                                                                        
Duplicated onto white cobalt C-22 audio cassettes:

cassette track listing:
A1. Basement 3:01
A2. Mask 3:12
A3. The Wolf 4:36
B1. Harvest 3:52
B2. Mirror 2:33


we here at Passive hope you had a great November; more nice things are happening in December, many many more nice things are happening in 2016. it's gonna be a good year.

also, check out the Brother Rabbit Xmas album here if ye haven't already. there's another nice thing.

have a good week!


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