Sunday, July 30, 2017

ESTER DRANG - The Union / Infinite Keys cassette tapes + CDs.

Hello hello!

It is truly a privilege to be able to press Infinite Keys onto cassette, and to facilitate a re-press of the album on CD.

Initially pressed in preparation for their 2nd tour with the iconic English rock band Echo and the Bunnymen, copies of both the tape and CD are expected to find their way into our online store, and not too soon after the tour! Keep your eyes open and check out our store here within the forthcoming weeks.

ALSO: have you heard the new Ester Drang song? It is streaming here. Titled "The Union," it's the 1st release of new material from the band since the 2006 album Rocinate. (and it certainly isn't the last!)

 More soon! In the mean time, if you feel the need to spend some money, spend it here. (personally recommend The No Tulsa Sound "SOUND-01" tape!)

more soon & thankz,

-p rec's / not hanson